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    1. The three main things I learnt about myself during coaching were:
    2. Three things I want to acknowledge myself for:
    3. Three things I want to acknowledge my coach for:

    Goal Outcomes

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    Statistical Information

    1. Where did you first find out about Consulting Joy?
    2. Did you complete the 12 week process, if not, why?
    3. If you have undertaken another coaching program, how would you compare the impact of this program to that of other programs?
    4. What do you think is unique about this program?
    5. Would you recommend Consulting Joy to your colleagues? If not, why?
    6. What impressed you the most about the program?

    Thank you for taking the time to complete the questions above. I appreciate and value your feedback and input. Thank you too for participating on the program, it is a privilege to have undertaken the journey with you, I wish you success.

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