Cultivating a consciousness of time

We hear it all the time… “I don’t have enough time.”

We feel there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

And even though that feels very true, when you start to change your perspective, you realize that it does not need to be your reality.

Time actually is inside of us. It is how we hold time. It is how we perceive time. And when we shift our relationship with time, we then create a different reality.

Time shortage is created by a lack of understanding that we are the creators of our own reality, and that the reality we create is always the direct result of how, and on what we focus our attention. When our attention is focused on trying to secure relationships, possessions, situations or accomplishments to validate our worth or “make us happy,” our experience of life is one of never having enough of anything – including time.

By its very nature, everything that exists in the world is in a state of perpetual change. Possessions break down; relationships evolve; our bodies age. As long as our sense of self is tied to circumstances, we will never have control of our own experience. Instead, we will continue to exhaust ourselves by trying to achieve the external conditions that we believe will make us happy.

We cannot control external conditions, but we have complete control of how we perceive them. Shifting our experience of time requires only a shift in focus – from a mind-set that is based in lack to one that is based in abundance.

What we call “reality” is constructed entirely within. When we engage with life from a mind-set that we are insufficient, unworthy or lacking; or that we need something or someone to complete us or make us whole, we sentence ourselves to a life of poverty in all things.

Abundance, happiness, clarity, passion, relief… all of these sought-after emotions do not come about as a result of controlling external conditions. They are generated from within, and the more we focus upon them in an attitude of appreciation, the more they expand in our awareness.

By intentionally viewing ourselves and the world around us through a lens of abundance; by taking note of what is going well; of what’s already in place; and of all there is to appreciate, our experience of all things – including time – becomes more steady, fluid, and boundless.

You really do have all the time in the world. And when you learn to work with energy and magnetism you become deliberate, creative and in control of your time.

Christy Whitman
Quantum Success

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