December 2011 Newsletter

Every year after the end of year functions have come to a close, the cocktails have been consumed and the calendar year reflected on, I am always struck by what seems to be the country’s mental shift into what I call; Decemberitas. Despite all the plans that seem to be in the making and the strategizing that seems to want to be done, people need to have valuable downtime in order to replenish the energy that has been expended during the past year and to stock up for the following year.

As we steep in the Decemberitas month it is a good exercise and positive habit to focus any available energy reserves on gratitude, which improves your emotional well-being.

Gratitude isn’t just physically helpful, it helps you transform even the most negative events into tools for becoming stronger. People who focus on an event that has been experienced as a negative one, can transform these into tools for becoming stronger by focusing on gratitude. People often achieve closure faster after an event because they focus their energy on the emotional growth rather than pain, reflecting on what the gifts were that this event brought them.

As we go into Decemberitas try to practise being aware of the many good things in your life. Simple but often taken for granted things like your health, your family and your friends. Whether it’s something little – or something big appreciate the people around you every day, tell them what a good job they are doing, I am always rewarded by how big a deal it is for someone when I give them positive feedback about a job well done.

Here are some of my suggested Christmas Gifts:

  • To your enemy, forgiveness.
  • To an opponent, tolerance.
  • To a friend, your heart.
  • To a customer, service.
  • To all, charity.
  • To every child, a good example.
  • To yourself, respect.
  • To beggars, dignity.

Have a wonderful Christmas and new year, thank you for the privilege of allowing me to be a part of your journey during 2011, I look forward to the many chapters of the journey ahead.

Much love



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