Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is journey undertaken between the coach and the coachee facilitated by the coachees employer that assists employees to produce extraordinary results in their lives and careers. Through this process coachees deepen their insight into their working life, deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life.  In essence it is the process of facilitating positive change by improving thinking or polishing your potential.

Polishing your potential

This programme is primarily concerned with the formation of a personal development plan by using a model to support coachees to build and maintain forward momentum by setting powerful goals, using effective strategies and reviewing actions.  The duration of the programme is 10 sessions and comprises a weekly one-hour session.  The process includes addressing values, vision, performance barriers and the use of positive energy rituals.  It takes into account the coachees current role within the organisation and is designed to meet the needs of the whole person.   The framework is a tool for bringing about a rich journey of discovery, learning and growth.

The principles I adopt are: self-directed learning, solutions focus, stretch, positive feedback and structure.  The approach Consulting Joy takes, is a framework which has a three-level process, this delivers significantly more value than just having general conversations, it gives coaching a backbone and a clear, logical framework of goals, strategies and actions which ensures that learning happens, however it also ensures that the real value of coaching is at a deeper level than just setting and achieving goals, the ultimate aim is to help clients to fulfill their potential.

How does it work?

Coaching comprises a 10 session program of one hour a week.  This takes place either in person or on the phone in a confidential environment, usually at the premises of the employer.  In each session, the client chooses the focus of the conversation, while the coach listens and contributes – this interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action using a framework of strategies to achieve each goal.

Each session has a clear beginning and completion and requires complete commitment to the process by both parties.  The process is designed to assist clients to think past their usual parameters and to “stretch” the individual to set and achieve inspiring, yet achievable goals within a defined 10 sessions.  Coaching concentrates on where clients are today and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in 10 sessions’ time.

Expected Outcomes

The real value of coaching tends to be in the emotional journey the coachee goes through, the new confidence they develop, the new skills they learn and the new habits they build.
By focussing on new positive energy rituals, new skills and new habits formed, culminated with a range of tools employed in the sales arena as provided by Joy would translate into better communication skills, improved relationships both internally and externally and as such, contribute to higher earnings and better sales achievements.