Everything is a choice

Everything is a choice.

This is one of life’s greatest truths and its hardest lesson. It is a great truth because it reminds us of our power. Not power over others, but the often untapped power to be ourselves and to live the life we have imagined.

It is a hard lesson, because it causes us to realize we have chosen the life we are living right now. It is perhaps frightening for us to think that we have chosen to live our life exactly as it is today. Frightening because we may not like what we find when we look at our lives today. But it is also liberating, because we can now begin to choose what we will find when we look at our life in the tomorrows that lie unlived before us.

If you had to fast-forward your life to ten years from now? What would you see?

Moment to moment we CHOOSE our destiny.

What are you choosing every day?

We can choose to step forward into growth – expressing the-best-version-of-yourself, or we can choose to step back into our addictive behaviors which would be, of course, the not-so-great-version-of-yourself.

Moment to moment to moment.

Take a moment to bring a picture to mind. What does your life look like?

Now know that each moment is connected and you are creating that destiny every moment.

We are constantly making little decisions. With each decision, simply ask yourself: “’what will help me to become the-best-version-of-myself?”

And then DO That!

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