Mental preparation using powerful imagery

Imagery can be used extensively in rehearsal for a big event, allowing you to run through the event in your mind.  Using this technique you can practise in advance for anything unusual that might occur, so that you are prepared and already practised in handling it.

This technique is often used by top athletes who learn peak performance habits by repeatedly rehearsing performances in their imagination.  Olympians are often coached to practise winning and the imagery of standing on the podium accepting awards, and responses to crowd applause in their imagination.  When these eventualities (or those unfortunate eventualities) occur they have good, pre-prepared, habitual response to them.

Imagery also allows you to pre-experience the achievement of your goals, helping to give you the self-confidence and momentum  you need when you need the inspiration.

To achieve this, you substitute actual experience with scenes from your imagination.  Your body reacts to these imagined scenes almost as though they were real, calming you and letting adrenaline disperse.  Your subconscious cannot discern the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  To coin a common coaching phrase, “fake it until you make it”.

Once you have made it, revel in the reality of enjoying the experience knowing that you have practised each outcome in preparation for the final outcome.

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