Positive Energy Rituals

The bigger the storm we face, the more inclined we are to revert to our survival or instinctive wiring, and the more important having positive rituals become thereby creating new wiring. I also wanted to reiterate how important labeling things are and how important it is to always look for a positive aspect of any given situation.  When we frame intentions negatively such as “I won’t overeat” or “I will not get angry” it depletes our energy stores because it requires continuous self control, whereas when we have a positive ritual (such as what you have created with physical exercise) we begin to deeply ingrain habits and responses in given situations.

Bear in mind:

  1. In order to perform at our best, we have to constantly access positive emotions, the experience of enjoyment, challenge, adventure and opportunity (I am thinking of work and social life)
  2. The key muscles fuelling positive energy are self-confidence, interpersonal effectiveness and empathy.
  3. Negative emotions serve for survival but are very energy costly in the context of performance.
  4. The ability to recognize, label and summon positive emotions during periods of intense stress lie at the heart of personal effectiveness and control.
  5. Like any muscle in the body, building strength depends on creating a balance between exercise emotional muscles regularly and intermittently seeking recovery.
  6. Any activity that is enjoyable, fulfilling and affirming serves as a source of emotional renewal and recovery.
  7. Emotional muscles such as patience, empathy, and confidence can be strengthened in the same way as s bicep: pushing past our current limits followed by recovery.
  8. Please practice this in the forthcoming week, build mental and emotional energy by using appropriate focus and realistic optimism whenever you can.
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