Setting new habits and sticking with them

There’s nothing inherently wrong with resolutions when the clock strikes midnight.  If you enumerate them well, they’re the outcomes and goals you want to achieve.  It’s your desired state, which of course is what you want to focus on, visualize and reward.

The problem is, goals don’t achieve themselves. 

This year, think first about the habits you need to create, start, reinforce or even stop to achieve your resolutions.

  • Perhaps those habits should be where you focus in January and beyond to get traction, see results, and stick with it.
  • Let’s say you want to lose weight.  Go ahead and set a target.  But think also about what habits will get you there.
  • It’s the simple steps that drive your overall behavior in the right direction.
  • Simple habits reinforce and drive other behaviors, and habits, that make it easier to hit your goals.

What exactly are habits?

Habits are typically defined as the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire.

  • Knowledge is the – what to do and the why?
  • Skill is the – how to do?
  • Desire is the – want to do?

In order to make something a habit in our lives we have to have all three.

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