Some New, new year’s resolutions

Here we are at another crossroads. One year ends, another begins. New year always feels like a good way to mark time – it helps us all to keep track of ourselves, and to let go of what is now “last year” and to do some celebration and reminiscing around all the positive events that took place, whilst giving us an opportunity to look forward to the year that awaits us and the promise and hope each new year brings.

On a personal note, I want to do my best to contribute in as many ways as possible to those around me.  For me, this means being as strong, clear-headed and healthy as possible – and taking all the good mojo that it brings to give back to everyone that I come into contact with.

One of the things that most people make New Year’s resolutions about is; eating better.

With that in mind, I’d like to suggest some possible resolutions for you to consider. Usually, at this time of year, it seems like our health resolutions are centered around eating less, exercising more, dieting for real this time, and declaring that we won’t eat this, that, or the other thing. I’d like to suggest that you consider some different kinds of resolutions around food and health. See what you think:

Be an “ordinary” eater

I’ve noticed that too many people set the food and nutrition bar way too high. We create a dietary game plan that’s often intense, and mostly unattainable – and the net result is that in our desire to be a nutritional superstar, we end up feeling like a failure. The remedy: Be more ordinary. Choose a set of eating goals that are doable for you. Create an approach that is truly sustainable. Plan on being imperfect. NO-ONE is perfect.  Consider this your number one nutrition goal for the New Year – no impossible goals.

Be there for yourself

Perhaps one of the worst feelings we can have is when someone who we care about abandons us. What many of us fail to notice is that too often, we abandon ourselves.  We attack ourselves when we don’t like our own body, or neglect ourselves if we don’t approve of who we are or what we look like.

Let 2014 be a time when you stand by yourself. Don’t be a hater when you aren’t perfect, or you still haven’t reached some arbitrary weight loss goal that you’ve given so much importance to. Be a good ally to yourself. Be there for yourself.

Be Free

If you’ve ever complained that it’s impossible to have a healthy body image these days because of the constant bombardment of media messages that brainwash us with images of impossible to reach standards – then consider yourself absolutely right.

But you’d also be right if you believed you could be victorious. If you’re the kind of person who is plagued by voices inside your head that tell you your body is not okay and lovable, then this is going to be your special year. That’s because 2014 can be the year when you set yourself free. It’s impossible to defeat the media and the culture of perfection – but it’s absolutely possibleand imperative – to free your own mind from the kind of toxic programming that is around us all the time. Free yourself from it by simply not subscribing to the impossible to attain.

Make the choice this year. And then make the effort. Of course we don’t know precisely how to do this – otherwise, we’d all have done so long ago. It’s simply about making the commitment to; being inspired to love your body to begin with, aspiring to be the very best you can be and, perspiring to constantly seek information that will feed you in mind, body and soul.  From there, the invisible help arrives. It’s time to be free of judgments that you simply don’t need.

Here’s to another wonderful year on earth.


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